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Key Initiatives

The mission of the State Auditors Office is to serve Delawareans by ensuring accountability in the use of taxpayer dollars through independent assessments of financial operations, performance management, and statutory compliance of state government.

Reorganizing and restructuring the Auditors Office: Reorganizing and restructuring the Auditors Office to relevancy by maintaining a full complement of staff, funding, and enhancing the ways the Office shares its findings with the public.


Auditing the Auditors Office: In an effort to ensure the Auditors Office is working as efficiently and effectively as possible, an independent firm has been tasked to identify areas that need improvement and offer recommendations.


Simplifying the outcome of the Auditors Office’s reports: Key findings from audits, examinations, inspections, and special investigations will be easier to understand when presented to the public and in a way that clearly demonstrates how the results can be used for the benefit of Delaware taxpayers.


Reintroducing the Auditors Office to the public: A multi-faceted community outreach campaign to educate Delawareans on the duties and importance of the Auditors Office and the role it plays in state government to protect taxpayer dollars.


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