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Gray Fox FAQ

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Project: Gray Fox to the Rescue!

Project: Gray Fox is now online and available on our website!  Just click on the Gray Fox logo on any page to explore.

What is Gray Fox?
Project: Gray Fox is State Auditor Kathy McGuiness’ historic transparency and accountability resource which allows Delawareans to see and understand how American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds are being used in their communities.
Why is this important?
Our office believes every Delawarean should have the opportunity to be a citizen fiscal watchdog over the ARPA funds. The American Rescue Plan has delivered over $1.25 billion to the First State, and we want each and every Delawarean to be a party to the conversation on how to use these funds to improve our communities. That’s why Project: Gray Fox works. We are making sure you can easily see and understand the impact these funds are having in your area, and even compare municipalities across the state.
How does it work?
Cities, towns, counties, state agencies, school districts, and other entities can securely sign into our website and submit their American Rescue Plan spends for the week. We turn that information into easy-to-read charts and graphics so everyone can easily tell how the money is being spent.
For Delawareans, Project: Gray Fox empowers everyone to be a citizen fiscal watchdog. It promotes the transparency and accountability people demand and deserve and provides it in an accessible format. To see how your community is spending the money, just go to our website at and select the Gray Fox tab, or just follow our easy-to-use QR Code located below.
Gray Fox QR Code
For participating entities, there are some great reasons to participate in Gray Fox besides demonstrating your commitment to transparency and good governance. Some of those reasons include up to 50% reduction in public records request response times, up to 90% reduction of manual reporting processes, instilling confidence in American Rescue Plan spending, and streamlining effective reporting to the Office of State Auditor. In addition, you will find that participation in our initiative helps your office with US Treasury reporting.
That’s why so many officials across the state have been enthusiastically contacting us about leading the transparency effort. 
It’s good governance, and it takes just a few minutes of time each week to do your part.
While ARPA funds have been distributed, spending is just getting started. Project: Gray Fox will be ramping up as entities spend and report. Eligible entities have three years to spend their portion of the funds, but Project: Gray Fox will be here for all of it –ensuring Delawareans have a seat at the table for an informed discussion with their officials over how these funds have been spent.
How can I get involved?
Urge your mayors, town managers, county officials—anyone who will listen—to join Project: Gray Fox and demonstrate their commitment to good governance. Let them know you care about how this money is being spent and want to see participation. 
If you work in government, or are a mayor, email us at We are happy to do trainings and help you get started. We have worked hard on this initiative, and we’re confident you will be pleasantly surprised by how little work it is to be a part of something so important to the public we serve.
Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them.

Together, we can make the First State first in accountability and transparency.